ab-cnyHow has your Chinese New Year been so far? The folks over at Rovio continues to milk their cash cow, which would be the Angry Birds franchise. While the game is no doubt popular, you can be sure that it has already started to see a drop in its popularity, but there is still a wide enough user base to ensure that this particular gaming franchise is well worth keeping “alive”, so to speak, and hence, the Angry Birds universe will jump aboard the Chinese New Year festivities with their fair share of updates, too.

For instance, Angry Birds Epic will see a Chinese New Year island invasion, where one will be able to look forward to a slew of lanterns, red and gold, costumed piggy opponents, not to mention fireworks! This particular event will be open for an extremely limited time window, so jump aboard while it is still possible.

Apart from that, there will be a new Chinese New Year kart in Angry Birds Go!, and since it is the Year of the Goat, it is not surprising to see a Goat Kart thrown into the mix – for 8 coins in the shop, of course. Angry Birds Stella does not want to miss out on the festivities, too, where you can play a special Chinese New Year level every day in Angry Birds Stella in order to reclaim the stolen red packets from the pigs, while earning gold coins along the way. This happens to be an iOS exclusive only, while one can also enjoy an exclusive Chinese New Year Pig Day level in Angry Birds Seasons. [Press Release]

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