Snapchat has been trying out some new features that integrate music into its popular application. It has released a new update for its mobile app that brings a feature many would appreciate. The feature allows users to record video through the Snapchat app even if they’re playing music on their smartphone, previously music would pause if the app was used to record video.


This update has only been released for iOS so far. Snapchat version 9.2.0 for iOS brings this feature which is not yet appeared on the Android counterpart, that app has not yet received a new version on the Google Play Store.

Snapchat’s latest feature will let users record video even if their phone is playing music. They can be streaming music from iTunes, SoundCloud or any other source and that wouldn’t matter because the app can record video anyway.

Once the video is recorded users can send it on its way like they have always been able to. Nothing has changed on that front, this update just adds the convenience of not having to resume your music playback once you were done with Snapchat.

The video will naturally pick up on the music that’s being played through the device’s speakers, it records the music at a high volume, so if you’re trying to record something that someone is saying, that person would pretty much have to shout to get their voice featured in the video.

Snapchat for iOS version 9.2.0 is available for free from the App Store.

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