twitter_logoIt goes without saying that American football is not a game that is watched by billions around the world, quite unlike soccer (or football as the rest of the world calls it) – but this does not mean that there is no interest at all in gridiron football. No sir, the love for the game is still very much alive on home soil, where the entire Super Bowl still has enough drawing power to pull in close to a billion viewers – and in this day and age, you can be sure that many of those viewers would be busy tweeting their opinions and thoughts to one another.

In fact, seems that breaking new social media records are starting to be the norm these days with each passing edition of a sporting event. Take this year’s Super Bowl for instance – it passed last year’s mark of 24.9 million tweets worldwide by more than a whisker – we are talking about a rather wide gap of 28.4 million tweets! Of course, this year’s Super Bowl had its fair share of attractions as well to get going, including a slew of ads that are sure to capture one’s attention – and then some. Were you one of those who contributed to the final score of 28.4 million tweets for this year?

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