Apple has gradually been expanding the transit data feature for Apple Maps and it has now included regional and metropolitan public transport services in Houston, Texas before Super Bowl LI. This is going to be very helpful to thousands of iPhone users who are planning to attend the big game next week. It’s going to be useful for locals as well who just want to avoid high traffic areas associated with the big game.

Apple Maps will now provide data for Metro Buses and Metro Rail in the Houston, Texas area. Users will now be able to access transportation options other than car navigation and walking in Apple Maps.

Super Bowl LI will be in Houston for the weekend and you can imagine just how many people will be heading to the arena to attend the game in person on February 5th. Naturally, many of them are going to use public transportation so it’s good that Apple has flipped the switch on transit data for users in Houston.

Locals who want to avoid high traffic areas associated with the game and potential road closures will also be able to rely on the app to find routes that will keep them away from the hustle and bustle of game day.

The transit feature is now offered for 29 metropolitan areas in the United States including but not limited to Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and more.

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