The age of smartwatches are upon us and as many had expected the Apple Watch is going to jolt the traditional watchmaking industry to either get onboard or get left behind. Luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has already detailed its plans for a smartwatch which will be released later this year. According to multiple reports Swatch is getting in on the game as well with one of its own.

The company reportedly plans on launching its smartwatch within the next three months, a move that’s going to pit it against the Apple Watch, which is currently expected to arrive in April.

There aren’t a lot of details available about this device. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek says that the company’s device will be able to communicate through the internet “without having to be charge.” Mobile payments will be supported as well and the smartwatch will be compatible with Android and Windows Phone.

Swatch already has considerable technical expertise under its belt to develop long-lasting batteries for smartwatches. Its Tissot brand has offered customers watches with touchscreens since 1999 and more recent models include a variety of sensors.

The Apple Watch’s battery life has already been the subject of much debate recently even though the device hasn’t even come out yet. It is absolutely essential for smartwatches to have decent battery life, they have to last at least an entire day, so that the watch doesn’t die on the user when they’re out and about.

Will Swatch’s smartwatch be capable enough of challenging its biggest rival on that front? Time will tell.

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