dvf-google-glass-framesAs many have probably heard by now, Google has decided to shut down their Google Glass Explorer program and has also moved the project over to a new division headed up by Nest’s Tony Fadell. So what’s to become to Google’s wearable? Is it dead? Could we be looking at a revival?

Given how much time and money Google has spent on Glass, there is a good chance that they are not planning to shelve it. A recent report from The New York Times has revealed that Tony Fadell will be redesigning the headset from scratch, and unlike the first-generation Google Glass, there will be no public beta testing.

This means is that if you were hoping for a new Explorer program, you’d be out of luck. Instead Fadell is said to be only releasing the new version of Glass when it has been perfected, but until then we might not hear anything about it. Earlier Google had publicly admitted that Glass did not have the impact that they were looking for.

While the headset was well-received, the fact that it was priced so expensive and was limited in availability kind of put some people off. There was also a lot of resistance from public establishments that reacted negatively to the headset, which hopefully is something Fadell will be able to address in the next iteration.

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