hearthstoneBack in December last year, Blizzard finally rolled out the Android version of Hearthstone, the company’s popular and admittedly addictive free-to-play online card game. This basically means that the game is now available on iOS and Android tablets, but no smartphones just yet, although Blizzard did state that they are planning on bringing the smartphone version to iOS and Android devices this year.

That being said if you absolutely have to play Hearthstone on your Android device, you might be interested to learn that there is a way for you to play the game on your phone. Previously we reported that there was an unofficial port of the game, and based on the instructions it seems that the method is more or less the same.

However according to the Reddit thread, it seems that the files included in this particular port are the latest ones, so perhaps it could be worth checking out. The method does not require you to root your phone, although you will have to move some files around in order to get it to work, but so far based on the feedback of gamers, the port works just fine.

Interestingly enough this is something that gamers have been asking for as the comments have stated that most of them already play the game on their phone already and that they can’t wait for the official version. In any case if you’re interested you should pop on over to the Reddit thread for the details on how to go about getting Hearthstone on your Android phone.

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