app themer cm12One of the advantages of running the Android platform is its customizability which is a lot freer and easier to do compared to other operating systems, like Apple’s notoriously-closed iOS platform. Now the good news is that if you’re a fan of the Cyanogen ROMs you will be pleased to learn that in OS 12, the ROM will come with an App Themer feature.


Cyanogen has recently previewed the upcoming feature on their blog and basically for those hearing about this for the first time, the App Themer feature will allow users to apply individual themes to their apps. Instead of a theme that is applied across the board, users can choose to theme individual apps according to their needs. This will be a useful feature for users who want to customize every detail of their smartphone, or for those who feel that there are some apps that just don’t fit into their overall theme.

Users will be able to choose different styles of buttons, switches, check boxes, radio buttons, seekbars, and more, and after they’re done, tap apply, and the theme will be applied to said app. Cyanogen OS 12 will also see the introduction of paid themes so if you’d rather have someone create themes for you, the paid themes option will let you browse a variety of different themes that you can pay to apply to your phone. There will also be free options for those who’d rather not pay.

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