We recently reported on speculation about the Oculus Rift release. It’s widely being speculated that this virtual reality headset will not be released in 2015 as previously promised. Though today at its F8 conference Facebook might have provided us with a hint about Oculus Rift’s release. It appears that the release is on track for 2015 after all.


The revelation comes in the form of an off-hand comment by Mike Schroepfer who is the CTO at Facebook. He was speaking at the F8 conference, particularly on what VR means for the company, and also demonstrated a space shooter game. “You’re going to be able to do this this year in VR … in something shipped by Oculus,” he said.

This is the biggest hint there is yet of the Oculus Rift being released to market at some point this year. Developer kits have already gone out, it’s the consumer launch that people are waiting for, and still Oculus won’t provide a concrete release date.

Oculus has been able to do much more than it originally could after it was acquired by Facebook. That’s one of the reasons why Facebook is so interested in virtual reality. It owns a company that’s on the forefront of the VR charge.

Update: We’ve been told that the initial reports were a misinterpretation of what Facebook’s CTO actually said at F8 this morning. He was talking about the PC hardware available this year that will let people create VR experiences.

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