htc-logo-sketchCreating a great product is one thing, but providing a great after-sales service is what gives customers the reassurance that the company has their back and the confidence to keep purchasing future products. Now we know that HTC will be making an announcement tomorrow where it has been speculated that the launch details of the HTC One M9 stateside will be shared.

However according to the folks at Android Central, they have learnt from their sources that the launch of the HTC One M9 might not be the only thing announced at the event. According to them, HTC is set to possibly announce a new service called “Uh-oh”. If you think that this sounds a bit funny/dubious, we suppose it does but it should be noted that the trademark for the name has already been filed.

So what is “Uh-oh”? Basically Uh-oh could potentially replace the HTC Advantage program which provides customers with six months of protection in the event that their handset is damaged. However Uh-oh could see protection extended to a year and will go beyond replacing broken screens and will also see water damage included in the support. This is a pretty big deal, if true, as water damage is typically not covered under warranty.

There is also talk about the support for switching carriers within the first year of service, but it is unclear as to what that might entail. Could HTC be thinking of allowing some kind of trial service for the first year, or maybe pay your ETF? In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but check back with us tomorrow for the details.

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