lego-kwiklego-kwikLego fans who absolutely love the Simpsons too, you are definitely in for a treat this time around! The Kwik-E Mart is now official, and it sure as heck looks pretty much like the real deal, not to mention that of the Simpson’s House. You will be able to find more than 2,100 pieces in the Lego box itself, where it will then make up for an extremely detailed scene. The store’s shelves will come fully stocked with goods that are priced out of range of the masses, not to mention a well detailed Squishee machine. If you were to go right back to the end of the store, you will end up with Jasper trapped within one of the coolers, now how about that?


Apart from that, the roof that is located on this particular Kwik-E-Mart set happens to be open, allowing you to reach right in as well as play or stage scenes, and at the same time, hinges open in the same manner as that of the Simpson’s House. And yes, we have not forgotten one very important feature – you simply need minifigs in order to run the entire operation, don’t you think so? Thankfully, Apu is the man who has stepped up to the plate.

The asking price for this Lego Kwik-E-Mart will retail for $199 a pop, where it comes chock full with plenty of tiny little details.

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