Microsoft-Band_Hero_2-640x463The Microsoft Band is Microsoft’s attempt at creating a wearable and perhaps to everyone’s surprise, including Microsoft, it proved to be a pretty big hit amongst customers to the point where it seemed like Microsoft did not anticipate the level of demand which saw the fitness band sold out during the holiday season.

Now the good news is that if you were looking to get your hands on the device, you might be interested to learn that the folks at Windows Central have confirmed that the Microsoft Band will be making its way to 765 Best Buy stores later this month. This information was allegedly obtained via internal documents but they are unable to confirm a specific date in which the device will be released.

That being said the fact that it will be making its way to 765 Best Buy stores could also be an indication that Microsoft has managed to get control of their supply and have enough stock to supplement their website and these Best Buy locations, or so we hope. Windows Central is also reporting that the device will be positioned in an area of Best Buy where other smartwatches are displayed.

There will be live demos for customers to try out the device before making the decision to purchase it. The Best Buy stores are also expected to carry all the different sizes – small, medium, and large.

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