mypassport-xGamers are a discerning bunch, especially when it comes to the kind of hardware that they use. Having said that, Western Digital has just announced the My Passport X portable hard drive which will target gamers, and them being a very demanding market, you can be sure that the My Passport X is no slouch when it comes to performance. In fact, the My Passport X, when connected to the Xbox One or a PC, will deliver 2TB of much-needed storage space so that gamers will not have headaches trying to stash away a fair number of titles. This would also do away with the need to delete previously purchased games.


Tony Tate, vice president and general manager of WD’s Content Solutions unit, shared, “Game file sizes are expanding to 36 GB per game and upwards, and are projected to continue growing. Console gamers are able to store on average only 10 games on the 365 GB out of 500 GB that is available on the onboard hard drive. The My Passport X portable drive delivers a fast and easy way to expand capacity and enables an expanded library of games on the go.”

With USB 3.0 thrown into the mix, users can access and save files on the My Passport X portable hard drive without having to wait too long unlike before, and with a stylish and compact design, it has also been constructed to come with added durability and shock tolerance. One will have to fork out $139.99 for the My Passport X 2TB portable hard drive. [Press Release]

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