We know that Samsung is very serious about virtual reality. The company has already come up with two VR headsets that work with a couple of its smartphones, providing people with an inexpensive way to experience virtual reality. Recently the company has been trying different things to raise awareness about its work in the VR space and for that purpose the company streamed a childbirth for the first time in virtual reality.

There’s actually quite a story behind this endeavor. Samsung helped a couple that was expecting a baby but unfortunately work commitments put the father at the other end of the continent.

Alison Larke and her husband Jason live in Australia yet he had to go some 4,000 miles away from home due to work commitments. That meant he couldn’t be present with his wife as she gave birth.

This is where Samsung stepped in to save the day. The company says that it streamed the entire childbirth in virtual reality, that too in real time, so that Jason could see it using the Gear VR and have an experience somewhat similar to the real deal.

Obviously it doesn’t beat being with her wife but hey, something’s better than nothing, right? Check out the heartwarming video attached above.

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