We are living in a society so hi-tech that even our shoes need to be smart or have some kind of technology embedded into them. Now if you’re a fan of peep-toe heels but hate having to buy variations so that you’ll have new designs to choose from whenever you go out, you might be interested in an Indiegogo project for a pair of heels called the Volvorii Timeless.

These heels are created by a Lithuania-based startup called iShüu Technologies and they will come with an e-ink display built into the side of the heels. The idea is so that the wearer will be able to pick from different designs to match their outfit, although given that the e-ink display can only display monochrome colors, you’d either have to settle for black and white patterns, or blocks or black or white.

We suppose in some ways this is a bit limiting but putting that aside, it’s still a pretty clever idea nonetheless. There will be a Bluetooth received embedded into the shoe’s sole and there will also be anchors attached to the back of the heel and on top of the toe where the wearer can attach physical accessories, such as flower or bows, to further their customization.

Thanks to the use of the e-ink display, the company states that the wearer will only need to charge the shoe once every few weeks. If you’re interested in helping the company fund the shoe and make it a reality, head on over to its Indiegogo page for the details. In the meantime you can check out the video above to see the shoe in action.

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