Microsoft recently announced the Surface 3 tablet and now it has revealed that there will be a special version which will only be sold to educational institutions. This particular version is going to have 32GB of onboard storage and 2GB RAM, these simple changes will make the tablet cheaper, and thus more affordable for schools. Microsoft will also be providing 10 percent discount on the Surface 3 along with the Surface Pen and Type Cover.

The base model of the Surface 3 that will be sold to the public has 64GB of storage and 2GB RAM, it costs $499. Microsoft has not revealed what the price for the 32GB version is going to be.

Unlike its previous entry level tablet the Surface 3 doesn’t run on a watered down version of Windows. It runs full Windows 8.1 and is compatible with Windows 10 so when the new software arrives later this year the tablet will be able to jump on it.

Since it runs full Windows the Surface 3 is capable of running full versions of Office applications. Users get a proper portable computing experience with the power of Windows.

Microsoft unveiled the Surface 3 tablet a couple of weeks back, it will officially start selling the new tablet through resellers and its stores from May 5th.

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