safari statcounterSafari is the browser app that comes bundled by default on OS X and iOS devices, although we’re sure that there are some who might opt to install a different one on their devices, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on. Well as it turns out, that number might not be as big as we thought.


According to a report from StatCounter, they have found that Safari actually accounted for 55% of mobile and tablet usage in the US for the month of March. That is actually pretty impressive when you consider it. Coming in at second place is Google’s Chrome browser at 29.88%, followed by the default Android browser at 9.51%, so we guess even if Chrome and the default Android browser were to be combined, since they’re both from Google, it would still end up less than Safari’s market share.

That being said while Safari appears to be dominating in the US market, its worldwide market share isn’t as impressive. In this case, Chrome is leading the way at 28.9% while Safari comes in at 27.6%, and Android at 18.1%. Chrome’s dominance on the desktop is also pretty clear as it was found that the browser’s desktop market share is at 52.6%, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer coming in at second with 19.7%.

According to Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, “This emphasises the potential prize in the rapidly growing mobile space for Yahoo, Bing or others if Apple decides to end its default search deal with Google.”

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