bmw-i8-solar-carportThinking about getting a plug-in hybrid? There are some options for you to choose from, but what if none of them are to your liking? What if you like the design and features of the gasoline model of a car, but wanted a hybrid version of it? You might recall that last year BMW promised to build plug-in hybrids of its core models, but it looks like that will be changing.

In fact it will be changing for the better as the company has confirmed that they will be making plug-in hybrids of most of its models including its future ones as well. This was confirmed when BMW North America’s CEO Ludwig Willisch spoke to AutoblogGreen in which Willisch was quoted as saying, “What we will have are plug-in hybrids. With the introduction of every new model there will be a plug-in hybrid version of that, too.”

Unfortunately Willisch also squashed the rumors that the company could be thinking about building a plug-in hybrid version of its BMW i5/i7 models. The rumors suggested that these models could be in the works as it could be a direct competitor to the Tesla S, and at the moment BMW does not have such a model available which is what the i5/i7 was supposed to fill, but it looks like that will not happen.

When asked about the model and the possibility that such models could be launched in the future, Willisch was quick to put those rumors down by saying, “Not any time soon.”

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