Google Fiber has been leading the gigabit internet charge in the United States. In some markets AT&T has been carrying the torch as well and now Comcast wants in on it as well. The cable giant today announced a new broadband service that will provide 2Gbps symmetrical connection, meaning uploads will be just as fast as downloads, and it’s double the speed that Google Fiber offers.

Comcast has said that the new gigabit internet service will first be released in Atlanta metro areas starting May 2015. Even though the company has not revealed pricing yet it says that potential customers will need to be in “close proximity” of its fiber network and agree to installation of “professional-grade” equipment. This hints that the costs of Comcast’s new service might be steep.

Explaining the company’s vision for this service senior vice president of Comcast Cable’s South Region Doug Guthrie said that Comcast wants to offer the “most comprehensive rollout of multi-gigabit service to the most homes as quickly as possible.”

The company certainly has plans to take this service to other cities across the country. Comcast expects to cover over 18 million homes in America by the end of this year. In 2016 it will also introduce a 1Gbps service, matching Google Fiber’s speed, and offering a relatively cheaper option to people who have no use for a 2Gbps connection.

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