froute-podCertain families do have traditions, and some of them include camping which will hopefully be able to be a time where bonds are forged and brought closer, especially between parent and child. Camping has also progressed a whole lot from the traditional “pitch a tent” days, where tents in this day and age happen to be a whole lot more technologically advanced, such as the Froute Pod which is made out of bamboo.

Designed by Giant Grass that is based in Melbourne, Australia, the Froute Pod is not meant to be a temporary structure, but rather, a semi-permanent one, where it will be raised off the ground on a platform so that it can protect inhabitants from ground moisture. The design is based on the use of bamboo in its most natural form, as well as to explore the different possibilities at the same time retaining the overall integrity of the material.

All of the designs were created through carving, cutting and splitting of the hollow cylindrical bamboo culm. The Froute Pod itself will be based on an octagonal plan of 3 metres wide, where the pod’s interior is 2.4 meters tall, allowing one to fit a double bed, now how about that? Of course it will be waterproof, and the two flaps that can be opened up like petals. There will also be a pair of round windows as well as a tiny central skylight that helps illuminate the interior during the day, letting you feel like a hobbit to boot.

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