hyperkin-gbThere are certain concepts that can be explored from time to time, and these tend to border on the fantastical for one reason – they are but ideas, and are not held back by the likes of actual physical constraints. Having said that Hyperkin has just showed off the Smart Boy concept, where this particular device is said to be compatible with the classic Nintendo Game Boy titles, targeting the iPhone 6 Plus. Needless to say, if this particular concept were to be realized and sell like gangbusters, you can more or less bet your bottom dollar that a similar model that plays nice with other smartphones are sure to follow afterwards.

This particular concept will transform a smartphone into a handheld gaming device, simply by sliding it over, and you can then enjoy titles of yore from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color platforms. Of course, assuming the battery in those cartridges are no longer working, you would find yourself frustrated when playing games like Pokemon since you basically cannot turn it off, otherwise the progress of your game would be wiped out completely.

Hardware specifications of the Smart Boy include an eight-way D-pad; a pair of action buttons; a Start and Select button; as well as a built-in battery which is said to deliver up to 5 hours of non-stop gameplay.

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