japan maglevLast week we reported that during a testing of Japan’s upcoming maglev train, the company managed to break its previous record by traveling at a speedy 366mph. However we reported that the company had planned on breaking that record this week and sure enough they have as the train managed to clock speeds of 375mph.

This isn’t that much faster compared to its previous speed but at speeds of 375mph, we have to say that it’s already pretty mind blowing. That being said, thankfully for passengers who aren’t exactly thrilled about traveling that fast, the trains are only expected to be traveling at speeds of around 313mph which would beat out Shanghai’s own maglev where the top speed is 311mph.

Hopefully it is “slow” enough where passengers will be able to keep their food down. The trains are still a long way from opening up as the company behind it only plans on launching it in 2027 where the route between Tokyo and Nagoya will be open to commuters. Due to the speed, it is expected that the journey would only take an hour, where previously commuters had to ride for nearly 2.5 hours.

However the entire system is expected to go live by 2045, by the time in which many of us would already be pretty old.

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