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South Korea’s Hyper-Tube Train Hits A Top Speed Of 621 MPH
While it might be more fun or more convenient to drive since you get to set your own schedules and choose when or where you want to stop, sometimes taking public transportation services like trains might be more practical and even more efficient because there are no traffic jams and sometimes it can be a direct route that cuts across terrain.

Germany Puts World's First Hydrogen-Powered Trains Into Service
The world’s first hydrogen-powered trains have gone into service in Germany. The two trains are part of a service running along a 62-mile track in the country. The trains have been created by a French company called Alstom and they are running on a route that was previously used by diesel locomotives.

In The Future, Germany’s Trains Will Have Video Game Consoles & Gyms
When it comes to public transport, as long as it is capable of getting us to our destination, arrive on time, and is relatively clean, it’s hard to ask for more, but it has not stopped train companies around the world from trying to come up with improvements. This can come in the form of WiFi-enabled carriages, charging ports for smartphones, and so on.

India Debuts Their First Solar-Powered Train
As cars and trucks are motorbikes are starting to make the move towards greener options, such as going electric instead of consuming fuel, it looks like trains are headed towards that direction as well. In fact over in India, it seems that the country’s first solar-powered train has made its debut, bringing the country’s train network one step closer to more sustainable options.


France Looking Into Building Autonomous High-Speed Trains
With there being multiple choices when it comes to public transportation, sometimes there is usually more than one way you can get to your destination. One of those methods is trains which is a pretty common method of transportation in countries around the world, but over in France, the country wants to upgrade their existing systems.

South Korea Is Building A Near-Supersonic Train
You’ve heard of supersonic planes but they’re largely limited to the airforce because the only passenger supersonic jet, the Concorde, has been out of service for many years now and won’t be returning. It might be a while before we get to fly in a supersonic airplane once again but perhaps we’ll come close to breaking the sound barrier in a train. South Korea is working on a near-supersonic hyper-tube […]

Electric Trains In The Netherlands Are 100% Powered By Wind Energy
While there has been a lot of emphasis placed on creating greener cars, let’s not forget that cars aren’t the only mode of transportation available in the world. In fact in some parts of the world, trains are considered to be a major form of transportation as well. Over in the Netherlands, it seems that the country’s electric trains now run on 100% wind energy.

Germany To Introduce World’s First Zero-Emission Passenger Train
Trying to reduce the amount of carbon emissions isn’t just about targeting planes and cars, other forms of transport such as trains are also just as guilty. However over in Germany, they are hoping to change that by introducing what seems to be the world’s first zero-emission passenger train that is powered by hydrogen.

Future NYC Subway Cars To Get WiFi & USB Ports
If you live in New York City and you’re thinking that the trains used for the subway could do with a bit of upgrading, you might be pleased to learn that recently Governor Andrew M. Cuomo took the wraps off the design features of the city’s future subway system, which includes reimagined subway cars and enhancements to the stations themselves.

Japan Designs New Train Lines To Protect Turtles
If you don’t live in Japan, chances are the idea that a turtle could potentially disrupt train schedules might never occur to you. However it seems that in Japan, that is a problem and between 2002 to 2014, Asahi Shimbun reports that turtles were responsible for 13 train disruptions in Kyoto and Nara.For a country who prides themselves in their to-the-dot punctuality when it comes to public transport, safe to […]

London’s Tube Trains Braking Could Power An Entire Station
It is said that braking usually wastes a lot of energy, which is why drivers are usually asked to drive at relatively safe speeds so that when they brake, it won’t waste as much energy. In fact some companies have tried to take the energy lost from braking and trying to turn that into more useful forms of energy.Over in London, it seems that they are trialing a similar program. […]

U.S. And China Will Construct High Speed Train Between Vegas And LA
An agreement has been signed between a private U.S. venture and a China Railway Group-led consortium that will see the two come together to construct a high speed train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The train will be quite fast, reaching speeds of 150mph, cutting down the travel time significantly. It roughly takes about four hours to cover the 230 miles from LA to Vegas in a car, the […]

Japan’s Maglev Train Breaks Its Own Record Yet Again
Last week we reported that during a testing of Japan’s upcoming maglev train, the company managed to break its previous record by traveling at a speedy 366mph. However we reported that the company had planned on breaking that record this week and sure enough they have as the train managed to clock speeds of 375mph.This isn’t that much faster compared to its previous speed but at speeds of 375mph, we […]