meerkatA couple of weeks ago, Twitter launched their Meerkat competitor in the form of Periscope, but just like Meerkat, Periscope was only available on iOS devices but a version for Android was promised to be coming soon. However it looks like Meerkat has since beaten Periscope to the punch has officially arrived on Android.

However we have to point out that Meerkat for Android currently exists in beta meaning that you will need to fill out a form if you wish to participate in the app’s beta, but other than that it looks like Meerkat is the first amongst the two apps to make it onto Android, so unless Periscope launches a full app on Android, Meerkat is in the lead.

That being said for those who are wondering what the fuss over both apps are about, basically Meerkat and Periscope are video streaming apps. Users will be able to use either app to broadcast a live stream of themselves via their mobile devices, which like we’ve pointed out before is a great idea for video bloggers or journalists attending events.

Interestingly enough users have recently found an unintended use for such apps which is to live stream video content, like Game of Thrones which HBO was not too happy about.

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