t411In the war against piracy, it is always a game of cat and mouse, especially when you take into consideration the rather borderless nature of how the Internet works. After all, you might have one particular site that carries a mix of legit as well as pirated content get blocked due to a court order, only to have another one spring up elsewhere with a different URL overnight, and the vicious cycle repeats itself again. Having said that, the French authorities known as the SCPP (“Civil Society of Producers of Phonograms”) has asked for certain sites to be blocked with regularity, and with one of the biggest “catches” being The Pirate Bay not too long ago, the crosshairs have now been trained on T411 .

A rough translation of a statement from the SCPP claims that a Parisian court has asked all ISPs to implement relevant and necessary measures so that there is no way that one will be able to access the T411 music file sharing site, as long as one remains in France. Phew! Aren’t you thankful that this is not the age of old school colonialism? If that were the case, plenty of other countries in Africa, as well as several countries in the Indo-China region too, would have had to face such a blockade.

Do take note that T411 happens to be one of the major torrent sites in France, where there are close to 5.6 million members who do exchange approximately 500,000 files. Needless to say, the top four ISPs, namely SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom and Free are expected to follow up with this block.

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