music-piracyIf you have ever searched for movie torrents, sometimes you find that some of the uploads come from a group named YIFY. Just like aXXo back in the day, YIFY is known for having a wide selection of movies and generally speaking good quality releases too, but it looks like the group has decided to call it quits.

A report from TorrentFreak has revealed that the group has decided to shut down. There is no official word, but TorrentFreak has heard from their sources that this is indeed what has happened. This started out when the group’s main website stopped working which led to speculation that the group had closed down.

Like we said there is no official word on when decided to call it quits. Perhaps it could be due to legal reasons, with movie studios going after them hard, which is what has happened in the past when torrent websites like IsoHunt which was forced to shut down after it was hit with a very hefty fine.

YIFY has been one of the more popular groups in recent years. Earlier this year the group confirmed to TorrentFreak that they had about 1 million unique visitors per day, and prior to their shut down they had about 6,000 releases to their name. That being said, we expect that a new group (or an existing one) will take their place and rise to dominance, so pirates out there can rest assured.

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