demonoidIn what seems like a somewhat ironic twist, popular torrent website Demonoid has reportedly begun to block users from accessing its website if it detects that the user has AdBlock installed. For those unfamiliar, AdBlock is a browser plugin that basically prevents ads from displaying across all websites and services.

However like we said it is a bit ironic especially when you consider that Demonoid is a torrent website that deals with pirated software, music, TV shows, games, and more, which many consider to be stealing. Blocking ads on the other hand is not considered stealing, at least as far as the German courts are concerned so in some ways we have to wonder if Demonoid can see the irony in their actions.

That being said, Demonoid does rely on users to donate to their website. They also rely on ads to help generate revenue which is why we can only imagine that they are rather miffed if users are trying to skirt around it through the use of ad-blocking software. Interestingly enough some of Demonoid’s users aren’t too pleased with this policy and have stated their plans to boycott the website.

According to one uploader on Demonoid, “Some of us support the site by uploading content. Now I haven’t uploaded in a while, but I still support some 535 of my past Demonoid lossless torrents with a fast connection. Torrents I uploaded some three to six years ago. For now I think I will boycott the site. The few lossless people that post only on Demonoid aren’t posting right now. So I can get content from KickAss.”

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