Considering how well DC’s recent TV series such as The Flash and Arrow have been doing, we’re sure many are excited to see what the upcoming Supergirl TV series will bring to the table. Now if you’re just as curious as everyone else, it seems that you can sate your curiosity today because according to reports, the pilot of the show has leaked onto torrent websites.

Yes, you read that right, the pilot which was originally scheduled for a release in November 2015 has been leaked a good six months ahead of schedule. Safe to say that CBS can’t be too thrilled about it. Two groups, DIMENSION and LOL, competed for the “honor” of being the first to release it, with the latter beating out the former by 90 seconds.

supergirl-ssAs you can see in the screenshot of the download in the image above, the copy appears to be rather clean as opposed to a recording of a recording, suggesting that this is indeed a legit leak. Oddly enough there are no “property of” warnings although it is possible that hidden watermarks could be embedded throughout the video to identify it.

The number of downloads started off a bit slow at around 25,000 but as this news gains traction, we expect those numbers to skyrocket. This leak follows an earlier leak by HBO’s Game of Thrones in which the first four episodes of season 5 were leaked online, but to be fair the leak happened shortly before its official release, and not a good six months before.

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