porschePlanning on getting a Porsche but want to have the latest technology in infotainment systems as well? The good news for iOS users is that it looks like Porsche will be integrating Apple’s technology into their future models. The announcement of Porsche’s partnership with Apple comes as a bit of a surprise as there was no formal announcement, just an update to Apple’s CarPlay website.

Porsche will join the likes of other car makers such as Audi and Ferrari in offering Apple’s CarPlay technology in its vehicles. However it’s an interesting move for Porsche as the company already has an infotainment unit system of their own called Porsche Communication Management. This is a rather comprehensive system that offers the usual GPS navigation features, as well as more advanced features such as speed limit indicators which rely on data stored on the system’s database.

Like we said this is a comprehensive system that Porsche has spent considerable time and resources building up, so it is interesting that they would offer CarPlay to future models instead of keeping it solely proprietary, but we suppose catering to a wider audience is also a good idea for the car maker as that’s what the competition is doing as well.

Apple will also be facing some stiff competition from the likes of Google who launched a similar system called Android Auto, thus bringing the competition between iOS and Android devices to vehicles as well.

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