Samsung and Apple has a long history of tearing at each other in many courts of law around the world but both companies also maintain a very close relationship. The Korean conglomerate provides Apple with many crucial components that go inside the Cupertino company’s devices, and that relationship doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. On the contrary a report today reveals that Samsung has actually put together a separate team that’s just there to meet Apple’s display needs.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung Electronics has created a separate team that has some 200 employees that work exclusively on displays for Apple. This step has apparently been taken to boost ties with Apple amid rumors that the company might be shopping around for other component suppliers.

The report reveals that the team is tasked with providing displays for MacBooks and iPads, and that it helps develop these components which ultimately end up in Apple’s productions.

It’s no secret that the company is leaning more on its component business to boost its revenues after hitting a slump in the global smartphone market. Samsung’s semiconductor and display business are performing well and clearly the company wants them to improve their performance even further.

Apple ships hundreds of millions of devices every year and it’s certainly a big client for Samsung’s component business. Therefore it’s not surprising to see that Samsung is doing all it can to ensure that Apple doesn’t take its business elsewhere.

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