s6_edge_cameraMaking a great smartphone these days is more than just display and processor speed. Other factors come into play, such as its camera which could be a make or break decision for customers. Now if you were thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and were wondering how its camera fares, you might be pleased to learn that it holds up pretty well.

The folks at PhoneArena have recently conducted a blind camera test in which the handset was pitted against three other devices – the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the HTC One M9, and the iPhone 6. As it turns out the Galaxy S6 Edge did extremely well in the test and managed to beat out all the other handsets in the process, and by a considerable margin too.

The overall results saw the Galaxy S6 Edge gain 19,599 votes in total. This was followed by the Galaxy Note 4 which gained 7,062 votes, and coming in third place was the HTC One M9 with 4,956 votes and the iPhone 6 in last place with 4,909 votes, not too far from the One M9. Based on the photos taken, it is clear that the Galaxy S6 Edge was the clear winner.

The handset did well in low-light situations and even indoors it managed to retain significantly more detail in its photos compared to the competition. We have to admit that Samsung did a great job and that HTC definitely needs more work. The last blind test also saw HTC fall very far behind the competition. So, will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge based on these photos and results?

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