samsung-galaxy-s6-edge_006Apple is a company that is known for using premium materials in the construction of its phones, which is why they also charge customers a higher price compared to the competition. Recently Samsung upped its game when they launched the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge which featured the use of glass and metal in its build, and interestingly as it turns out, the Galaxy S6 Edge has been found to cost more than Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.


This is according to a report issued by IHS which found that the Galaxy S6 Edge with 64GB of storage (Verizon model) costs Samsung $290 to make. In comparison Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus with 128GB of storage costs around $263. So why is it so much more expensive than the iPhone 6 Plus or previous Galaxy S models? As it turns out, the curved QHD display is the biggest reason.

The curved display is said to cost $85 per unit, which the folks at PhoneArena point out could easily nab you a very basic entry-level smartphone. The $85 price tag also means that the display alone accounts for nearly 30% of the cost of the entire phone itself. In fact the second most expensive component, the Exynos 7420 processor, only costs $29.50 which is almost a third of the display’s cost.

That being said while the display is the most expensive, it is also reportedly the most difficult component to make. There have been reports that the production yield of the curved display for the Galaxy S6 edge is low, thus leading to potential supply constraints.

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Product NameGalaxy S6 EdgeiPhone 6 Plus
Diagonal (inches)5.1"5.5"
Battery Capacity (mAh)2600 mAh2915 mAh
Processor NameExynos 7420A8
RAM Options3GB2GB
Street Price$535 Galaxy S6 Edge on Amazon$439 iPhone 6 Plus on Amazon
Link to full specsGalaxy S6 Edge Full specs and detailsiPhone 6 Plus Full specs and details
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