samsung-galaxy-s6_014A report from last month revealed that Samsung had estimated that they would be able to sell 50 million Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets in 2015, but it looks like with all the positive feedback that the company is receiving, they have since raised their estimates to a whopping 70 million.

This is according to The Korea Times who reportedly quotes a Samsung executive who stated that he believed the company would be able to sell 20 million more than their previous estimate. So far both handsets are selling pretty well, even the Galaxy S6 Edge which sports a rather unique design that some users might not be used to.

It was estimated that the Galaxy S6 Edge actually accounted for half of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sales. Local carriers such as T-Mobile are also reporting impressive sales of the Galaxy S6, claiming that sales of the handset is actually double than that of the Galaxy S5 which is pretty impressive.

However it seems that all of this success could potentially lead to delays. A few days ago we reported that Samsung had apparently been surprised at the demand for their new handsets and had failed to anticipate such a high demand, thus leading to potential supply constraints which we’re hoping won’t be the case.

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