nejat-stumpStolen handsets are nothing out of the ordinary, and they seem to be a rather common occurrence these days, which means one ought to be extremely careful with one’s surroundings, making sure that your handset remains safe and sound at all times. The same goes for the tablet, too. Well, it looks like we have a rather serious case of tablet theft here – where an apparent prototype iPad was stolen from a rather lonely man in his 20s. This man is suspected to be an Apple worker.

It has been reported that this unnamed man responded to an online sex ad, and just like many dubious sites online, you might end up getting more than what you are looking for – in a bad way, of course. The victim answered an advert from 20-year old Katherine Stump, only to meet up with her later with her friend Alexander Nejat, who is 24.

Both of them (as you can see above) drove to his house, and while inside, Stump was said to have threatened the man with a knife, while her partner pepper-sprayed him in the face. Other than taking the prototype iPad, they also scooted away wit prescription drugs and $7,500 in cash, A police report was made later on, where the stolen tablet was deemed to be “a test model iPad from Apple”, but it remains to be seen whether the tablet is a prototype of an upcoming iPad, or that of an old device.

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