Having a game arrive on multiple platforms is always a good idea, as it can double up as some sort of “insurance”, so to speak, to the developer or game publisher. Most of the time, one particular platform that the game is released on will be more successful than the other platforms, and rarely do we see it all even out. Having said that, it looks like Xbox Marketing manager Aaron Greenberg has just shared that Star Wars Battlefront will arrive on the Xbox One first, which means that Sony PS4 owners will have to hold out for a little while longer. Or to purchase an Xbox One if they haven’t done so already and cannot wait to scratch that Battlefront itch.

In Aaron Greenberg’s tweet, it read, “Very ready & play it first on #XboxOne!” Of course, this is by no means an official confirmation that Xbox One users will be privy to first access, although by far and large, it happens to be a rather clear hint – the clearest one to date, I might add. This is far from being a surprising move from Electronic Arts, since EA has the tendency to roll out games up to five days early for the Xbox One, since there are Xbox One owners who happen to be members of the EA Access program.

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