The problem with music streaming is that in terms of quality, it might not be on the same level compared to lossless audio files. This is to be expected since such files can be too big to stream efficiently on the internet, plus usually not that many people can tell the difference anyway as such audio will require higher-end hardware to truly appreciate.

That being said if you do consider yourself an audiophile, or would like to get better quality audio out of your streams, you might be interested to learn that Tidal has announced that they will be bringing support for its Master audio on its iOS app. For those unfamiliar, the Master audio is basically Tidal’s answer to higher-fidelity music files.

However like we said, whether or not you might be able to tell the difference depends on how good you are at discerning such differences, but if you believe you can, then this is an option worth checking out. Unfortunately Master audio is only limited to certain tracks and not all songs on Tidal will support it, so your mileage may vary.

It will also depend on your hardware where if you’re trying to stream Master audio files while using a $20 set of earphones that you picked up at computer shop, chances are it won’t make a difference. In the meantime more information about Tidal’s Master audio can be found on its website.

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