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Tidal Launches Apple Watch App With Offline Playback
The other day, Spotify updated its app for the Apple Watch where it would now support offline playback and downloads. It looks like Tidal doesn’t want to be left behind because the company has since released their own app for the Apple Watch that comes with similar functionality like offline playback.

Beyonce Fans Can Now Stream 'Lemonade' On Apple Music And Spotify
Beyonce’s Lemonade album has been quite the hit but it was not possible for fans to stream it on Apple Music. The album has long been an exclusive to Tidal, the music streaming service co-owned by her and her husband, Jay-Z. However, the album is now making its way to other music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Tidal’s iOS App Gains Support For Masters Audio
The problem with music streaming is that in terms of quality, it might not be on the same level compared to lossless audio files. This is to be expected since such files can be too big to stream efficiently on the internet, plus usually not that many people can tell the difference anyway as such audio will require higher-end hardware to truly appreciate.

Tidal Becomes First Music Streaming Service To Accept Venmo
Tidal has confirmed that it’s adding Venmo as a new payment method for subscribers. It has thus become the first music streaming service to allow subscribers to pay for their plans with Venmo. They will be able to select this as a payment option in the app and the company will charge their monthly subscription fee to their Venmo account or linked payment method.


Tidal's Streaming Numbers Have Come Under Investigation
Tidal isn’t as big of a music streaming service as Spotify or Apple Music but it does have respectable streaming numbers. However, it’s under investigation for allegedly bogus streaming numbers in Norway. Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv reports that authorities in Norway have opened an investigation following reports that millions of Tidal’s stream are bogus.

Lincoln To Integrate Tidal Music Streaming In Its New Vehicles
Tidal, the Jay-Z backed music streaming service, primarily caters to audiophiles. Its main customer is the person that’s willing to pay a bit more just so that they can stream music in quality higher than what the other services provide. It has inked a partnership with Lincoln which will see Tidal being integrated into the former’s new cars.

Tidal Launches Holiday Promotion, $0.99 For 3-Months Subscription
Are you thinking about signing up for a music streaming service but aren’t sure if you’re willing to commit to $10 a month? If you’re still on the fence, then you might be interested to learn that Tidal has launched a holiday promotion where they are only charging new subscribers $0.99 for a three-month subscription.

Plex Selling Discounted Tidal Subscription
Plex, a popular media center app, has teamed up with music streaming service Tidal to offer its Plex Pass subscriptions access to the over 60 million tracks and 244,000 music videos in Tidal’s library. It’s now offering several competitively priced deals which combine a subscription to Tidal with a Plex Pass. For those who are unaware, Plex Pass is the company’s own subscription service which offers features like recording from […]

Tidal Music Now Available On Amazon’s Echo
Chances are when someone buys an Amazon Echo speaker, they are most likely buying it for Alexa and the various skills and connectivity options the digital assistant offers. However if you’d like to use your Echo speakers for more than just a medium between you and Alexa, you might be interested to learn that Tidal has launched for the Echo speakers.

Tidal App Launched For Samsung’s Smartwatches
Music is a great way to keep ourselves entertained or focus when we’re exercising, and if you’re the owner of a Samsung smartwatch, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Tidal has officially launched its app on Samsung’s smartwatches (via Engadget) where users will be able to use the app to play music on their wearables.

Tidal Can Now Be Streamed On Samsung Smart TVs
When you think of music streaming platforms, you might think of them on smartphones, tablets, computers, and maybe even smartwatches. However it looks like Tidal has decided to expand their streaming services to smart TVs, or to be more specific, the company has struck up a partnership with Samsung to do just that.

Jimmy Iovine Thinks Music Streaming Services Are Too Similar
When it comes to choosing a music streaming platform, how do you make your decision? Admittedly it’s a bit hard because for the most part, music streaming services are almost identical in their offerings since they have signed licensing deals with the major labels and they are usually offered at the same price.

Tidal Gets Android Auto And Amazon Fire TV Support
Rap mogul Jay-Z’s music streaming service Tidal is now accessible through a couple of additional platforms. It may not have a lot of subscribers in comparison to other services such as Spotify and Apple Music but it has come to develop a dedicated fanbase over the past couple of years. The Tidal faithful will be happy to find out that the service has now gained support for Android Auto and […]

Tidal To Offer Free 12 Days Of Streaming In Celebration Of Christmas
One of the features that sets Tidal apart from the other music streaming services is that they offer a hi-fidelity tier, which Tidal claims will offer higher quality music streaming. However it is also priced higher than the regular tier, making it more for audiophiles who might be able to appreciate and tell the difference in quality.

Tidal Releases Official Apple TV And Android TV Apps
Tidal, the Jay-Z backed music streaming service that reportedly has six months of cash left, today released official apps for Apple TV and Android TV. Its subscribers will now be able to access the hi-fidelity music streaming service via the biggest screen in their home. The apps will enable subscribers to access the entire music library as well as Tidal’s collection of video content.

Report Alleges That Tidal Only Has Enough Money For 6 More Months
When Tidal launched, one of the ways it set itself apart from the competition was that they offered listeners supposed audiophile grade music, although it came at a rather steep cost, a cost that might have set them back in the game because according to a report from Norwegian publication Dagens Naeringsliv, Tidal is running out of money.

Apple Music Boss Claims Music Streaming Isn’t Making Money
The way we consume music has changed over the years, where it used to be we would be physical copies of music in the form of vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs, and so on, before we moved into the digital age where we would buy digital singles and albums. In more recent times, it seems that music streaming is the new form of delivery.

Tidal App Now Lets You Controls Sonos
If you have a Sonos sound system in your home and use Tidal has your preferred music streaming service, rejoice, because you will now be able to control your music system from within the Tidal app. The music streaming service has updated its app with the ability to control Sonos hardware. This means that users will be able to control their sound system without having to switch between multiple apps.

'Yeezy Sound' Might Be Kanye West's Music Streaming Service
It appears that Kanye West might be getting in on the music streaming game. Following a strained relationship with Jay Z’s Tidal which saw West terminate his exclusivity deal with the streaming service, it seems that West has decided to launch his own music streaming service. A new trademark request on behalf of West has been discovered, West is apparently looking to trademark “Yeezy Sound.”

Taylor Swift To Keep Latest Album Off Streaming Platforms For A Week
Taylor Swift’s latest album “Reputation” is currently set for a release on the 10th of November, 2017. However if you were expecting that Swift’s album would be available for streaming, you could be disappointed to learn that might not be possible, at least not for the first week, according to a report from Bloomberg.