Lego-Computer-Blue-White-LEDWe’ve seen LEGO used to make all sorts of things and yes, LEGO-made computer cases aren’t exactly new, but if you’re after a more compact LEGO case then perhaps Mike Schropp has something for you in the form of a LEGO computer case that he feels could be built by anyone and that would still be relevant in the years that come.

According to Schropp, “The more I thought about the Lego computer over the last year, the more I started wondering how I could design and build a system that wasn’t so difficult to reproduce, one that could be bought by anyone looking for a new computer with a unique twist, a Lego twist […] But if my goal was to produce a Lego computer system anyone could use, I needed that system to be broadly compatible as well as totally capable of meeting the needs of users in 2015 and for years to come.”

The end result was the Schropp ended up using more than 40,000 bricks in the process. How the upside to using that many bricks is that the system has been designed to support a variety of different setups and configurations. For example it will play nicely with i3, i5, or i7 builds and will support 8/16GB of RAM.

As for those who are worried about cooling, Schropp has chosen a top-down cooling method to help keep the device cool. After all housing hot computer components inside what’s essentially a plastic box doesn’t seem like the best idea, does it? If you’d like to learn more or build one yourself, Schropp has posted the instructions on his website, so head on over for the details.

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