Modern-productivity-Office-on-Windows-2It’s an interesting choice that Microsoft has made when they launched touch-friendly/optimized versions of their Office productivity suite for iOS and Android devices before releasing it for their own mobile devices, but for iOS and Android users, we suppose this is a good thing. That being said if you’re a Windows Phone user looking for the Office experience, you probably won’t have to wait much longer.


Microsoft recently made an announcement that come this month, they will be releasing a set of Office applications for handsets running their Windows 10 platform. This is part of Microsoft’s Office strategy in which there will be two versions of Office. One will be Office 2016 which is meant for desktop use, and the other will be a more touch-friendly version of Office that has been optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

This particular version of Office has been designed in such a way that its design can change dynamically depending on the device’s screen size. According to Microsoft’s description of their Office Universal apps, “On a tablet, the Universal apps are fast, fluid, and streamlined for an immersive, hands-on experience. They’re fantastic for reading and perfect for touch- and pen-based content creation.”

“On a phone, the Universal apps adapt to the smaller form factor. Commands and controls are moved to the bottom of the screen so you can triage your work and make edits one-handed with your thumb.” The Office Universal apps are expected to be free for smartphones and tablets, so if you were hoping you wouldn’t have to spend any money, you’re in luck.

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