windows-10-for-phones-demoWhile there has been a case made for not having as many apps in the Windows Phone Store compared to the iTunes App Store and Google Play, users like variety. If this app doesn’t suit you, at least users will have more choices and options to find the one that does. Obviously Microsoft isn’t going to be able to magically increase the number of Windows Phone apps, so perhaps they could do the next best thing – support Android apps.

According to a report from Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, he claims that during Microsoft’s Build conference that will be held this week, Microsoft will be announcing that Windows 10 for mobile will be able to support Android apps. It is unclear as to how exactly this will be happening, but if we had to guess it’d probably be along the same lines of how BlackBerry 10 supports the running of Android apps as well.

All this would require is the developer to properly port it over to the platform, although like we’ve seen in some cases of ported Android apps onto BlackBerry, the results aren’t always ideal. After all screen sizes are different, resolutions are different, basically it won’t be as optimized compared to developing for the Windows 10 platform directly.

However some developers don’t have the time or money to purchase multiple handsets for testing, so by offering a quick port, it might help some developers spread their app across multiple platforms, even if the end result might not necessarily be ideal. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we will learn more about Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10 for mobile soon.

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