With the exception of one bundle all SKUs of the Xbox One come with 500GB of internal storage. There have been rumors recently that perhaps a new SKU could be introduced soon which is going to offer double the amount of internal storage but we haven’t had a confirmation yet from Microsoft so there’s nothing more we can do than keep our fingers crossed, and bring you the news that a retailer in Spain just might have outed the 1TB Xbox One SKU.

The Spanish retailer Lamee Software’s website has an Xbox One model available for pre-order that has 1TB of internal storage, that’s double the usual storage of 500GB.

1TB Xbox One SKU comes without the Kinect sensor and that makes perfect sense because last year Microsoft unbundled the Kinect from Xbox One just so sales could improve, and they did.

The listing mentions a list price for the 1TB Xbox One model, it’s 449.99 euro, with an expected release date of June 23rd. This means that if a 1TB Xbox One really will be coming in the near future, then the possibility exists that it might be confirmed at E3 2015, which also takes place next month.

It would make sense for such a SKU to be released though, particularly when the Xbox One is expected to receive TV DVR features, in that case some users might even find 1TB insufficient for storing DVR programs along with games and other content.

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