ajaxDo not look down on the little ones, as many of them tend to have a kind of imagination that you would be surprised at. Take AJAX for example – this is a unique hydraulic exoskeleton that one might think hails from a higher institution of learning, but in reality, AJAX is the brainchild of students from the Bay School of San Francisco. This unique team of brainiacs comprise of Sammy Kroner, Joseph DeRose, Gabriel Perko-Engle, Ed Burke, Thelonious Breskin, Ian Simons, Connor Dietz, and Cole Yarbrough.

The inspired team of students claim that they came up with the idea of AJAX after watching movies such as Edge of Tomorrow, RoboCop, Iron Man, Elysium, and Aliens, where each of these movies do have its own influence on what an exoskeleton or robot looks like.

DeRose shared, “We (our family) had been throwing the idea of building an exoskeleton around for a while, but we passed it off as too dangerous and too ambitious, fearing that something could go wrong and hurt the user.“ Of course, all of that is water under the bridge now, as the team with support from their respective parents, have come together to work on and support the AJAX project which stands tall and proud today.

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