iPhone6C_003With the iPhone being as popular as it is, Apple has no trouble placing huge amounts of orders with their suppliers. In fact according to a recent report, it seems that Sony is having some trouble keeping up with the orders for their camera sensors which apparently Apple is wanting a lot of at the moment, so much so that other smartphone OEMs are having a hard time trying to get hold of components.

The sensors ordered by Apple are apparently going towards the rumored iPhone 6c, a handset which may or may not sport a 4-inch display and a plastic body which is similar to that of the iPhone 5c. So far the rumors claim that the device may not be launched this year but in this particular report, it claims that it will. We can’t be sure until Apple makes an announcement so take it with a grain of salt for now.

The report also claims that with Apple reportedly hogging the Sony camera sensors, other OEMs are having a hard time trying to push out their products. For example they claim that companies such as Huawei will only be able to ship 50% of their devices that use Sony’s cameras in its design, while other OEMs such as ZTE and Oppo will only be able to ship 10-30% of their output.

This has resulted in these OEMs having to turn to other companies for their components, such as Samsung, Toshiba, and OmniVision. How true this report is remains to be seen, but like we said Apple is known to place huge orders which in a way is a strategy of sorts as it blocks out their competitors, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this was somewhat true.

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