Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion brings a proper PvP endgame for this popular title, something which it has lacked ever since it was released. Sure fans had ample fun with Crucible and Iron Banner but PvP wasn’t as rewarding as it should have been for progression, and it felt disconnected from the narrative of the game. The new PvP endgame in House of Wolves fixes that and the first Destiny Trials of Osiris event has now gone live.

Trials of Osiris is a new weekly event that features in arena in which the very best players will be elevated about the rest. It’s not aimed at beginners who are just getting the hang of Destiny, it’s meant for those who have trained and are willing to be tested.

Trials of Osiris events will run every weekend and unlike Iron Banner it won’t have a reputation system, instead players will be judged on their performance and every weekend they will have to start over to prove their worth again.

Players first have to get a Trials Passage which can be purchased from the Quest inventory item found with Brother Vance. A Passage is readily available when the player beats House of Wolves’ storyline.

Then it’s a 3v3 elimination multiplayer area where only the best are meant to survive, and they’ll certainly have to prove their worth to stick around.

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