Google+ was a pretty ambitious project, but sadly it couldn’t turn out the way company wanted it to. The social network just like any other Google product had its Twitter handle, however it hardly made any tweet and the account was only for a namesake.

Until today, when the app suddenly came out of the closet (pun intended) and started asking the “Twiiterzens” to say something about its #FirstTweet. So, that’s how users started sending their tweets and many also received replies in the form of GIF. It all created quite a buzz among users, but it also left many wondering that why all of a sudden, Google+ has done something like that?

The first tweet made by Google+ is a bit surprising, but with Google I/O developer conference around the corner, it seems pretty legit. The now-active Twitter handle can also be seen as a sign that Google might have plans to throw some spotlight back on the service.

Ever since Vic Gundotra, Google+’s former Vice President, left the company, there has been little buzz around it. In recent times, most of the news circumferenced around Google+ photos service, and also the rumors that it might part ways into a separate entity outside Google+. Adding fuel to the fire, Google did split three services, which were earlier under the hood of Google+, these three services were, Streams, Photos, and Hangouts.

The first tweet does drop a bit of suspense about Google’s plan regarding the social network. Or maybe it is just a “tweet” with no hidden agenda.

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