Apart from the volume rocks and sleep/wake button, the iPhone only comes with a single home button, unlike Android devices which usually features soft keys like a back button or a “more” button or a button that opens up the multitasking window. We suppose this simplifies things but at the same time, it can feel limiting.


This is something that the folks at Haloband Inc. seems to think as well as the company has recently launched a screen protector on Kickstarter dubbed the Halo Back that basically gives your iPhone a “back” button at the bottom left of your screen. This makes it easier for users of the larger iPhone 6 Plus to navigate through the different screens and menus of their phone without having to stretch their thumb to the top of the screen.

How does this work? Basically what they’ve done is add a circuit layer to a traditional screen protector so that when the bottom left corner of the screen is touched, that signal will then lead the current to the back button of the app to help activate it. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward technology but a very clever one at that.

The screen protector itself is made from a high-grade tempered glass that features a nano layer to help repel fingerprints. It is also resistant to scratches, offers up high clarity, and will also be resistant to drops, or so the company claims. The project has since exceeded its somewhat modest goal of $20,0

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