We’re sure that more than one of you guys have eaten in front of the computer in the past, and we’re sure that there is at least one occasion where you might have spilt or dropped something on your keyboard and given how typical keyboards are laid out, it can be a chore trying to get crumbs and whatnot out in between the keys.

However this is something that the KFC Tray Typer aims to solve. The device was originally created as part of an advertising campaign for KFC over in Germany where the Tray Typer was used on actual serving trays for customers. Presumably it was durable enough to withstand all the dirt and grease and could also be wiped down.

Apparently the concept was such a hit that according to Serviceplan, the advertising campaign’s creator, every single one of the Tray Typers that were handed out was taken home by customers which we can only imagine how expensive that might prove to be in the long-run, although it is also admittedly a pretty clever idea.

Imagine eating at KFC but your fingers and hands are too greasy to reply to text messages or emails, so instead of greasing up your phone, the Tray Typer will let you respond to messages easily. How cool is that? It also serves to highlight how much technology has advanced over the years, and how useful such technology can be and how it can be applied in all areas.

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