For the most part restaurants make changes to their menu every now and then. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but more often than not it is usually because the item offered could be a limited time promotion. We’re sure many of us have had experiences where our favorite item in a restaurant has been removed.

However one man in Singapore decided to do something about it, and in an attempt to get KFC to bring back his favorite item on the menu, the Hot Devil Drumlets, he decided to tweet at the fast food giant for an entire year in hopes that they would listen. Farhan, the customer in question, would take every opportunity possible to tweet and respond to KFC’s tweets, asking for them to bring back the drumlets.

Now we’re not sure if KFC decided to give in to Farhan’s request, but it seems that at the very least his wish came true. KFC Singapore sent Farhan a private message and attached the photo that you see in the screenshot to the right, in which they told him that they would be bringing back the Hot Devil Drumlets.

The fast food joint even decided to give Farhan the first taste given his efforts at tweeting at them for the entire year. Kind of reminds of that time where a Wendy’s customer tried to raise 18 million tweets to get a year’s supply of free nuggets.

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