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KFC And Cooler Master Launch A Console With A Built-In Chicken Warmer
KFC, a brand that many people are familiar with when it comes to deep fried chicken. Cooler Master, another brand that PC gamers are familiar with for designing parts like cooling fans and gaming peripherals. Two brands that appear to be quite different from one another, but yet they have come together to create the KFConsole.

KFC Wants To 3D Print Your Chicken Nuggets
While KFC is probably best known as a fast food chain selling fried chicken, the company is actually quite interested in technology as they have played around with various ideas in the past. Now it looks like the company is hoping to that those experiments to the next level in the form of 3D bioprinting, where in the future, it is possible that your KFC nuggets could be 3D printed.

No Really, KFC Is Launching A Colonel Sanders Dating Sim Game
When we think of KFC, chances are the fast food chain’s mascot Colonel Sanders pops to mind. The character of Colonel Sanders has always been portrayed as a kindly old Southern gentleman, but have you ever wondered what Colonel Sanders could look like if he was younger and was an anime character?

KFC Launches An ‘Internet Escape Pod’ For $10,000
Have you ever wanted to perhaps break away from the internet and maybe go offline for a couple of hours, day or two, maybe? There are some devices out there that will help you with that, but it seems that there is an unlikely ally in championing your offline status has come up with a novel solution: an escape pod.


KFC Releases Limited Edition Smartphone With Huawei
If you’re a fan of the Colonel’s chicken then perhaps you’ll be interested in the latest product that the company has slapped its name on. KFC has teamed up with Huawei to release a limited edition smartphone. This device is meant to commemorate 30 years since KFC’s first opening in the People’s Republic of China. The device doesn’t appear to have a name but the Colonel’s face is on there.

KFC Brings Back Discontinued Item After A Customer Tweeted Them For A Year
For the most part restaurants make changes to their menu every now and then. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but more often than not it is usually because the item offered could be a limited time promotion. We’re sure many of us have had experiences where our favorite item in a restaurant has been removed.

KFC China Uses Facial Recognition To Make Food Recommendations
Have you ever looked at someone’s face and thought to yourself, “Yea, that person looks like they would enjoy a 2 piece chicken combo, with a side of coleslaw, and an iced lemon tea,”? We’re pretty sure that there isn’t a relation between how someone looks and what they like to eat, but apparently that’s what Baidu and KFC in China are trying to do.

KFC Debuts A Chicken Box That Can Charge Your Smartphone
For a fast food franchise known for their fried chicken, KFC has certainly been rather enthusiastic when it comes to cooking up hi-tech ideas to attract customers. For example we’ve seen how they’ve debuted a tray which doubled up as a Bluetooth keyboard, and how they used bone conduction to deliver music their customers dining at their outlets.

KFC Uses Bone Conduction To Deliver Music To Restaurant Goers
Sometimes you go to a cafe or a restaurant because you want to catch up with friends over a meal or a cup of coffee, however some venues think that having music playing in the background is a good idea as it adds to the atmosphere. Maybe that’s true, but because we all like different types of music, what’s playing the background might not be for everyone.Interestingly enough it seems […]

KFC Memories Bucket Is A Delicious Idea
There are good ideas, bad ideas, and downright great ones. The thing is, you can never really quite tell just which particular one is going to take off – at least, not until you try it. Those who love chicken might be in for a real treat, assuming this latest idea from the world famous KFC would turn out to be true. The KFC Tray Typer was a pretty hilarious […]

KFC Tray Typer Is An Actual Working Bluetooth Keyboard
We’re sure that more than one of you guys have eaten in front of the computer in the past, and we’re sure that there is at least one occasion where you might have spilt or dropped something on your keyboard and given how typical keyboards are laid out, it can be a chore trying to get crumbs and whatnot out in between the keys.However this is something that the KFC […]