windows_10_vrdesktopWindows 10 will be the latest version of Windows Microsoft will be releasing, but could it also be its last? As it turns out it might, according to Microsoft developer evangelist Jerry Nixon who was quoted as saying during the Ignite conference this week, “Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10.”

Now before you all get confused and start to panic about the future of Windows, this is hardly an indication that Microsoft will quit the operating system market. Instead it’s more like Microsoft is rethinking the operating system which means that instead of releasing major Windows builds every year or a couple of years, Microsoft will aim to regularly release updates and new features.

How Microsoft has achieved this is by splitting up components of its operating system into individual apps so that certain parts of the operating system can be updated without having to overhaul the entire system, kind of like your smartphone where a native app, such as Gmail, can be updated without affecting the rest of the system.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed Nixon’s comments with The Verge and added, “Recent comments at Ignite about Windows 10 are reflective of the way Windows will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner, with continuous value for our consumer and business customers.” It’s an interesting approach but whether or not this works out in their favor remains to be seen, but in the meantime what do you guys make of their strategy?

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